Thursday, January 16, 2014

Staying down a bit longer!

Got to the Doctor today, it was a bit nerve wreaking because she is new to me. My original doctor left about a year ago he moved to a different area. So I went to one of the Doctors that took his place. I had only gone to her once, and then she got sick and had to leave for quite awhile. I struggled a bit at once again going to someone new. I had developed quite a trust with my earlier Doctor and he seemed to go above and beyond for our family, during my last battle with cancer. I admired him and trusted him, so starting over was hard.
This new Doctor was nice and very thorough. As I thought... it was pneumonia, but she said that I am on the tail end of it. She was mostly concerned about how hard I was still struggling to breath. That is why I am so tired. So she gave me albuterol inhaler and asked me to stay down for 2 weeks, so that I won't get anything else while my immune system is jeopardized. It is hard for me to stay down usually, but honestly I am so tired that I don't really do much. So I really hope that I can start breathing well soon, so my energy will return  soon.
Thanks for your prayers and concern.
Good night dear friends!
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