Monday, January 13, 2014

First Family Night as Empty Nesters!

Well, I guess you can tell that I have been sick, because most of my posts are just quotes that inspire me. I do feel a bit stronger and better each day, however that changes... if I do much of anything. So I am trying to start over again on my New Year's Resolutions!
 Tonight Jeff and I started our Family Night again. We have done them ever since we were married, when we were newly weds we just sat down and went over the weekly calendar and then talked about our goals and what we could do for each other to help accomplish them. Then the next year Amy came along, our Family Night consisted of telling her stories and still doing our calendar but that was fast and easy. As the other 3 children came along, Family Night got to be a really big deal and very important. Aside from Sundays, that sometimes was the only night we were all together because of school activities, sports and music lessons. We almost accomplished Family Dinners each night most of the time and that was such a blessing, to be able to eat together and talk about everyone's day.
Family Night we always knew was very important. Finding time together as a family, working on problems together, organizing our home, chores and calendars together. Having quality time to teach them and learn together, truly was our life blood as a Family. Of course there were many Family Nights in those 30 years that were crazy, unsuccessful and I think we even had a little bloodshed on the really bad ones ( of course that is because someone was wrestling around when they were suppose to be listening and then there was always someone who got a bloody lip or something. Many Family Nights, we were just grateful that everyone was alive! :) Humor, with a  family of 6 you have to have HUMOR!
 I felt like because we took the time to do that each week, that we at least kept in touch with the kids and no matter how bad life got...we always knew we had each other. So here we are again, back to the beginning, just Jeff and I for Family Night...weird...very quite and very short. Still I was glad that we at least started going over our goals again, I need all the help I can get!
Good night dear friends!
Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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Animator said...

I remember when Paul and I were first married we read to each other for FHE. We started with the Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt - loved it! Because we had four years alone together before we adopted Sari, we did a lot of reading. Many biographies of various prophets, some Shakespeare, and the entire Old Testament. Good memories!