Thursday, January 9, 2014

Abundant Life

Read this quote by Thomas S. Monson and thought...oh that is so true!

"Living an Abundant Life
A ...have a positive Attitude
B ... Belief in yourself
C ...Face Challenges with Courage

For some reasons the last week has been extra challenging. Probably because my family was all together for the holidays and I came down sick with this cold. I haven't had nearly as bad as many of you have, but... I still have been wiped out from it.
I got up and just showered first thing this morning before I almost had time to ask myself how I felt. Then on of my kids was in need of my attention and so my Motherly Instincts and Protector came out and I seemed to have enough adrenaline to keep me up and going. Then I went right to work and I always ( no matter how I seem ) seem to get more energy GOOD energy when I am there surrounded by all that FABRIC! Sounds more like an addiction right? Don't answer that. Still I could tell my body was getting pretty worn out when it was time to go home. Even though I was really dragging by the time I got out of there, I still didn't go home. I stopped by a store to just look around and kill time till I knew Jeff would be coming home. I don't like coming into an empty and quite house. I know I will get use to it but remember, it has only been a week.
So when I saw this quote it just made me think of my life.
First I think I do have a very ABUNDANT LIFE
but A...sometimes I have to make sure my attitude is positive and not dwell on things that are wrong or what I didn't accomplish today. Then B...I have to always remember to like what I see in the mirror and belief in myself and my abilities. Last C... I know that I need to round out my Courage to do the things in life that seem so hard. Yes, this quote reminded me of my day, of my family and of myself!
Good night dear friends
Winter - Kromme Rijn, Amelisweerd, Rhijnauwen, UtrechtFound this photo here:

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