Thursday, January 30, 2014

Quarantine is over!

My two week Quarantine is over but not sure I am ready for the real world yet?

Well dear friends I ventured out this afternoon with Shirley to go to see my Amy, John and these sweet girls of mine. I really didn't do very much but still twice I fell asleep on the couch, and tonight I feel sad because my chest is hurting again. I have almost been 4 weeks in the house, most of that 4 weeks I honestly didn't even want to go out or do anything because I felt so bad. But today was the end of my 2 weeks quarantine... and so I thought I would start out slowly. I am happy to that I got to see the girls, but sad to realize how weak I still feel after my small adventure today. I wish I could have been more fun and entertainment for Shirley while she was here. Some how though, we just have a great time...even when we are doing nothing  Need to go to bed and hope tomorrow will look brighter. Thanks for your prayers, your meals, your cards, phone calls and emails...they truly helped.
Good night dear friends!
P.S. Here is the happy thought for tonight...which I very much need to remember tonight!
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Lynn Johnson Woodard

Shirley McClellan Johnson

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Day 30: Grateful my Mom and Aunt Shirley came up to visit tonight! The girls thoroughly enjoyed their lollipops...can you tell? Audrey found Jenny's after she was finished! Lol! Thanks for the fun gifts and great time! #day30 #365grateful #sillygirls #puckerup
— with Lynn Johnson Woodard and Shirley McClellan Johnson.
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