Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Mother's Heart

Woke up this morning to a semi quite house. Lee and Lauren left this morning to fly back to college, I am sad to have them gone and yet excited to see them going on with their future. The heart of a Mother is something that is hard to explain. It seems impossible to be able to have it break more than one time, but oh it does, many times to be exact. Then the joy that it feels when a Mother has her children return home is a feeling that is unexplainable. But for now, at least the beginning of this coming New Year...I will remember to be grateful for the time I do have with my family and at least I still have the rest of my family here for 2 more days!
We got to spend most of the evening with the girls and John and Amy. We had dinner, set off fireworks and watched a movie together. I was glad that we headed home early because I am battling to not catch the cold that everyone else has already. I need to head to bed.
Happy New Year dear friends and good night!

I thank GOD every day for the 2 children he blessed T with...Mel Baby # 3...I know I know...I fear I am to old...but we have SO much love...and we really want another...Children are such blessings..Sept 2011

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