Sunday, January 5, 2014

Finding our purpose in life!

Didn't make it to church today with this cold that I have. I wish I could have gone, it is hard to be here alone so much. When you get so used to a house full of noise, voices and is hard to go back to it being so empty and quite. I miss my kids, I am happy for them and all that they are doing and pursuing in their lives, but oh to have such a quite home is hard.

For Christmas, my sister in law gave me a movie called "The Letter Writer". Jeff and I watched it last night and it was wonderful. Now I have to admit, it seems when you have a very clean and wholesome movies that some times the acting isn't maybe as good as most, but the message...was incredible and I loved it! I love the idea that we all have a purpose here on earth. Finding that purpose is what can bring us the most incredible joy there is. I am grateful to my sister in law for that sweet reminder of something that I know is true! Giving to Others is what we are suppose to do!
Good night dear friends!
 Purpose and passion

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