Friday, January 24, 2014

Baby Shower, with Hostess Missing!

Well, as many of your know I have been down...really down, with pneumonia for 3 weeks now. Before Christmas and before I got sick, I made plans with a dear friend (who is expecting her baby first part of February) to do a baby shower for her in our home. I thought that would be wonderful, because each year I tell myself that I would like to keep some of the greenery, lights, berries up and add lots of snowman and snowflake stuff so that January (which is usually pretty dreary ) would at least my house would look quite festive.
So the idea was planted, put on the calendar and I started collecting some things to decorate my house for January and to also go with our Baby Shower Theme which was...Baby it's cold outside! Perfect for a January baby shower right?
Well, everything was going as planned, the house was really coming along ...and then I got sick. As the date got closer, I was sad to think that we wouldn't be able to do it here for my friend. So we did the next best thing, we still had it here... but me ( the Hostess ) well I was suppose to be that, had to stay downstairs with Jeff and Miss Audrey and watch a movie. Amy, and a few other dear friends came to my aid, and became the Hostesses for the shower.
 It was hard to hear all the fun and laughter going on upstairs and not be a part of it. But I really know that I can't take a chance right now being around big crowds, until my immune system gets stronger. The good news is... the weather was great, I was hoping for snow ( to go with the theme, although that would have effected our numbers greatly) or sunny and clear, and that is exactly what we had. The friends came out in big numbers to celebrate. We had 27or so attended... I have only pictures to prove it! :)
Still when my friend left, I feel like she felt very loved and mission accomplished!!! How grateful I am for all the girls that helped make it a success. It is always amazing to me... how much can be accomplished when so many people help do part of the work....thank you again! Now we can't wait till this new little baby girl arrives! Congrats!

Decorated cookies by a really talented lady!

Happy Safe Delivery soon dear friend!
"My greatest me MOM!"
"A baby brings a little bit of Heaven down to Earth!"

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Jean(ie) said...

Please take care of yourself and rest. Get better soon!