Thursday, January 9, 2014

When did she grow up?

A couple of days ago it was Lauren's 23rd Birthday, how and when did she grow up that fast? I still can look at this photo of her at the hospital holding Lee when he was born, and remember all the crazy things she would do. She never stopped moving, getting into things, making deals, complaining, laughing, teasing and she was only 2 at the time! My friends still call me and ask me to tell them a Lauren story...we have so many good ones, I should have written a book on that girl!

Now years later, she and Lee are still the best buds ever. He is bigger and can carry her but I tell you he is lucky to be alive after all the things Lauren tried to do with him when he was just a baby. She was in time out a lot, for tying things ( anything, yarn, shoestring or cords ) around his neck so she could pretend he was her puppy. Yes, Lee is lucky to be here...really! :)

She and her cousin Bethany have always been great friends. Below is a photo of them playing in the her back yard. Between the two of them, they had quite the imagination. But if there was mischief...usually it was thought up guessed it Miss Lauren! (And she looks so innocent in these photos! )

 Now a year ago, here she is at Bethany's wedding. Yes, time has flown by. I thought I would never live long enough to see Lauren grow up, we thought she was going to be the death of us ( joking sorta ). Then by her teenage years, all that crazy mischief, meanness and everything else seemed to have worked itself out, and she has been pleasant every grateful we have been for that!

We love our Lauren girl, we can't imagine life without her! She still makes us laugh a lot. We love that she is a photographer, we have always said that others should see things and life through Lauren's Eyes...because it is way more interesting! Now it is fun to have her photography all over the house, seeing the world as Lauren sees quite the blessing!
Happy Happy Birthday dear Lauren, make it the best year ever!
I feel this way about my daughters every day!!! I hope they always knows this.

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