Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you! Here is just a bit of our day!

Decorations for the table, boats with granola inside and masts were all the things we were grateful for

Miss Audrey waiting for her turkey dinner ( applesauce and rice cereal )

Making memories with Amy!


Jenny picking off turkey feathers from our 25 lbs turkey!

Jenny helping Poppa with the potatoes

Putting the guys to work, Chefs Jeff and John

After dinner the 4 girls went to see the new Frozen Movie, they loved it!
We had friends and neighbors over to eat with us. It was a full house, but still felt empty without Brad, Krystal and Kai! So glad we will see them around Christmas...can't wait. Have much to be grateful for and you are one of those blessings dear friends!

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