Tuesday, November 26, 2013


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Flexible, some times I think I am, but then other times....I think I have a hard time changing something when I have always done one way. Like Thanksgiving for example, as much as I love Christmas, I love Thanksgiving too! We have never put up Christmas before Thanksgiving. Yet this year...I almost did! Not that it is bad, but I love the Fall, and the season of Gratitude. Why did I almost change it?
Well, every year we have a Christmas Open House for our Neighborhood, we have done it for 15 years now and I think the only year we didn't have it...was 5 years ago, when I was diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time. I had a mastectomy just 3 weeks before when the Open House would have been and I just couldn't do it.
This year Thanksgiving is later in the month than usual, which means I will only have 4 days to put up Christmas and be ready....that is impossible for me! So I thought maybe this week I should take down Thanksgiving and start Christmas so I had a few more days to decorate. I was so sad about that, couldn't imagine having Thanksgiving without all the decorations. Lee brought up all the Thanksgiving and Harvest boxes ( storage containers that I keep it all in ) and then he left for work. I found other things to do instead of taking it down, just still didn't feel right but knew if I tried to put up Christmas in 4 days, I would end up sick from over doing it. ( Remember I am good at that !) Anyway, right before I started to take down the Thanksgiving stuff, I called to talk to Amy. After I told her what I was going to do, she protested saying  " But Mom, you have never put up Christmas before Thanksgiving!" I agreed with her but tried to explain how desperate I was. Then she gave me another suggestion and being the FLEXIBLE PERSON that I am :), I agreed!
She suggested that since we haven't sent out any invites yet, why don't we do it a week later on Dec 9th? She reminded me it wasn't that much later and so ...that is what we are going to do. So as I sit here tonight and smell the pies in the oven, I am grateful that I am flexible...at least this time. I am also grateful for this beautiful time of the year that we get to celebrate and remember!
Good night dear friend

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