Thursday, November 14, 2013

5 years and still counting!

I just reached my 5 year mark from being diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the 2nd time. It sorta came and went and I forgot about it ( it was actually a couple of days ago )...that is a good thing! Still as I look on the calendar, I realize that I have to make my yearly check up in the next month or so ... and that I never forget!
But for today, I just counted my blessings, to see where I am 5 years later, happier, healthier and at peace...more than I could have ever imagined! Life is good, it is fragile I still know that... but for today, I am just going to say thank you!
Thank you to all of you who have been there for me through it all.
 Thank you to my Heavenly Father for helping make it through, and helping me understand that I was NEVER alone through any of it.
 Thank you to my family who...without them it would have been much worse.
 Thank you to all the Health Care people who played a vital part in my healing!
 Thank you to my grandchildren who...don't even know it, but they were the reason I get up and keep going, even on my darkest days!
Thank you also to my grandchildren who just love Nana the way she is...removable parts and all! :)
 I am thankful for the humor my family and I have. That has been a life saver in many ways.
 My daughter sent this quote to me ...just the other day! You know this is my biggest fear!!!!! :) :) :)

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