Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sleep Over with Miss Jenny!

I cooked most of the day yesterday so I could just play with Jenny today, at her Sleepover. First after we picked her up...we went to lunch at Taco Time. After that a trip to Hallmark to look at all the wonderful Christmas stuff there (love that place). Then off the grocery store where we picked up a few of our last minute things for tomorrow. Then we stopped by and saw a friend who just had her baby a few days ago. Jenny brought their little boy and the baby a balloon, she loved the baby of course. Came home, Jenny and Poppa played for awhile with her Purple Blanket. ( Jeff always teases her about how much he loves her Purple Blanket, they run around the room over and over again, trying to get the blanket from each other ). Jenny told me that she thinks we should get Poppa a Purple Blanket for Christmas  :)
Then after dinner we made a few more Thanksgiving deliveries and we headed to Menchies ( a frozen yogurt place ) and had a treat. After that, a quick movie and then headed to bed. When she went downstairs to watch the movie I told her that I might stay upstairs and get a few things done. Her response, "But Nana, I want you to watch the movie with me, I love you". Yes, how grateful I am for Sleep Over Days and all the fun memories they bring. Seeing everything through a child's eyes...truly does give you more Gratitude.
Happy Thanksgiving Dear Friends!

 This is her true smile, she is a very fun, energetic, spicy, and always funny !

Burrito with nothing but chicken, rice, and cheese...with ketchup to dip it in! Yuck, but she likes it! 
 Apple and Chocolate Yogurt mixed together...yum!

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