Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A comedy of Errors

Today I laid low again, trying to get well from this flu/cold that I have had for almost a week now. It seems like the least little thing I do wears me out, and so I stayed down most of the day. Then I decided to put dinner in the crockpot so I didn't have to worry about that tonight. Lauren and I decided for me to venture out to a couple of stores to get some organizing things ( more containers :)... I love containers! )
When we got back I was tired and started to sit down and thought "oh wouldn't it be nice to see how these containers fit in my pantry...that was a bad idea. Moving this and moving that lead to having to move or clean something else. Then I had asked Lee to clean and help glue back the shelves in the fridge. We have a REALLY old frig. Just hope it hangs on until the new year!
As Lee was washing the bottom shelve of the fridge in the sink, it shattered. I heard the noise back in my room. When I came in the kitchen and saw glass everywhere, the first thing I noticed was that Lee wasn't cut at all. That was a miracle to say the least! Jeff had just arrived home from out of town and here we all were cleaning up glass. Then we realized a lot of it went down the garbage disposal, so that broke it. Poor Jeff then had to go under the sink take it apart and get all the glass out. Then he had to head to the garage and cut a board to place in the fridge as a make shift shelf...guess we are going to have to get a new fridge sooner than we planned.
My dinner burnt because my crock pot broke, it has been cooking high and so there went our dinner. Lucky for us an ANGEL of a friend, stopped by unexpectantly and brought us some dinner because she knew I had been sick.
So even though I still feel pretty beat, my fridge is broke, both of my crock pots are broke....I realized that I have dear friends who love me. I have a clean pantry and a new crock pot! Life is crazy, hard, frustrating at times but over all....Life is good! Good night dear friends!

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