Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Life lines....

Does anyone remember this Game Show? Now we don't do a lot of TV maybe I should ask... is it still a Game Show? The name of it is Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? I only watched it a few times but my favorite part was when they could use their Lifelines for help.

One of them was...
You can phone a friend.
Then there was one where you could ask the audience.
Then you could eliminate 2, giving you a 50  50 chance.

I am not sure if there is another one but still I like the whole idea of the Lifelines.
I wonder myself, if we use our Lifelines in Real Life as often as we should?

I compare the phone call to Pray, our Heavenly Father is only a prayer away and wants to be there to help and teach us, if we would only ask Him.
I compare the ask the audience to Asking your Family, if you are blessed to have a great family then for sure you should ask for their help. They love you and usually will tell you the truth no matter what, you can trust their opinion. ( Remember, this is only IF they are a good and healthy family)

Then the eliminate 2 so that you have a 50 50 chance, I think of is more like blindly choosing and hoping that luck will be on your side. Instead of this one, I would add another Lifeline called Call a Counselor or at least talk to someone that has been there. I used to think that getting counseling was weak, and I still think a lot of people think that. But because I have been to counseling and have had first hand experience of how it can really help you, I would say that should be one of our Lifelines, if we have tried all we can do and are still stuck or struggling.

So tonight, let's not ever think we are Alone, we always have Lifelines out there to choose, we just have to use them!
Good night dear friends!
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"The ability to choose cannot be taken away or even given away-it can only be forgotten."

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