Thursday, November 21, 2013

Good News!

Well, for the last 2 months I have been worried about a lump that has come up on the side of my knee. I first noticed it while shaving my legs and have just been watching it. Seems like lately that it has been getting bigger. I don't have any pain with it but knew that I needed to have it checked. Now to the common person, you would probably just say " ok I will have it checked out, no big deal ". But when you are a cancer survivor, any lump is a concern and a worry. I have prayed and prayed about it and decided, I just need to have it checked out. So today was the day. Started out teaching a sewing class at my house with 2 amazing ladies (that have become dear friends of mine ) and so that kept my mind off of it until almost time to go.
As I was getting dressed I looked at it one more time and was surprised that it had gone down quite a bit and then I was wondering if I had just worried for nothing and maybe I shouldn't even go. But I knew that wasn't true and so off I went.
Good news, it doesn't appear to have anything to do with cancer but it looks like a cyst probably because of a meniscus tear. He explained if it has a small tear in it, then fluid can come in and out and create a cyst. The reason it probably went down today is because I haven't swam for two days and didn't put any stress on it.
I knew it came not too long after I started swimming and wondered if it was a bit too much strain on my knees. I had surgery on both of them 3 years ago. So I just need to watch it and make sure to go back in if there starts being any pain. Guess that means the tear is getting worse. So I thought it was good news. Miniscus tear isn't good news really but compared to what I thought it might have been ...well that is good news. For today, I will count my blessings.
Need to head to bed so I can get up and swim tomorrow!
Night dear friends!
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