Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We went to a Luau !

Yesterday we went to a Luau. It was amazing, never been to one before. We first took a little shuttle to the area where the Luau was to begin. The weather, scenery and the animals were unbelievable.

Next they showed us how they cook the pig for the Luau. They start with the blowing of the shells to announce the beginning of the Luau. Next they told us about more of their traditions. Then they showed how they get the pigs out and how they prepare it for the feast. By the end of that, there was time for us to walk around the grounds and get some more photos. It seems like this place just keep getting more amazing by the day, take a look for yourself.


The dinner was great!  The entertainment was great too!

 I love the Hawaiian people, I think I should have come here years ago!!!
After dinner there was a show of all the different cultures, it was so fun to see their different customs, music and dancing. I would have taken photos of it but they asked us not to.

It was a late night, so this is why I am just now writing about it.  It was simply an amazing evening! I feel sooooooo grateful that we have had the opportunity to come here!
Good night dear friends!
"The most important things in life, aren't things"

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