Sunday, September 29, 2013

Be nice to yourself!

I liked this quote, it is a great one for me to remember...because I sometimes really pick on myself. Such a simple thing... but yet when you are in the world sometimes, it seems like everything is telling you that you are not enough. But deep down I know I am. Just need to remember that more often.

One way of helping me with my thoughts, is going to church on Sundays. I love the Sabbath. I love that it is a different day than any of the other days of the week. I love that it is a day of rest, mostly from our labors is a day of rest and recharging my spiritual battery. How grateful I am that our Heavenly Father set one day aside for us to not only honor Him, but to remember Him and to learn how to be more like Him and His Son Jesus Christ. I love the scriptures... and in them so often I find the peace and joy, that I simply can't find any other place. So I am thankful today to live in America and where we have religious freedoms! Yes, I feel full of gratitude today! I am truly blessed!
Good night dear friends!
be nice to yourself

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