Friday, September 6, 2013

We just arrived!

Well, we got up early this morning to leave all our worries behind and headed out for Hawaii!
Thank you Pat Baer for your amazing photos of Kauai!
We are here with my brother and sister-in-law, it is their time share that we are staying at here in Kauai. We had a great flight and first thing picked up our rental car, and then grabbed something to eat. Next we got groceries since we have a full apartment with full kitchen and washer and dryer. Two bedroom suites and just about anything else you could want. The problem is that we are so tired from traveling all day that we have just been sitting around talking. Of course since it is 3 hours earlier than home, it will be nice to go to bed early and really start our vacation tomorrow morning!
I will take photos tomorrow, sorry I can't show you right now how incredibly beautiful it is. I got this  photo off pinterest, but this is exactly what it looks like. Like all the post cards or magazines you have seen of it. Beautiful teal colored water, the flowers are beautiful and smell great. The Marriott center here is beautiful too, and tonight as the sun sets... all the areas outside were lit with tiki torches. We are heading out now to take a walk.
When I saw this quote below, I am hoping it is true!

.I am not good at stopping work to play. I never was good at playing, not even as a child ( but there were reasons for that )...I got a bit better as the kids were growing up, but still I wouldn't put me up there with the top fun persons in the world. I am trying to take breaks more often, so that I can rejuvenate and get more inspired. I miss my family already though, I have to admit that....wish I could bring all of them here with us, to experience this. But at least I got to come with my best friend Jeff. So I am going to sit back and really try to enjoy this beautiful world that God has created for us.
Good night dear friends!

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