Thursday, September 19, 2013

I love Fall!

From the time I was little... my favorite season was FALL. As my children were growing up and I was working part time with painting and selling at the big Fairs around, then naturally I had a lot of decorations that I had made for each season. Then over 10 years ago I started quilting and now I have almost a few things made for each season too. Each season my kids could not wait to put up the decorations for each holiday. As they got older, they liked it being up but weren't thrilled to help get the boxes out of the garage to put up:) Funny how that works.
The tradition has passed over with my grandchildren, they love all the decorations and remember each year, certain ones that are their favorites.

It was funny because the other night Lauren said, " Mom, we need to put up Fall decorations" I said  "well, it is almost fall, but not till next week actually". She didn't care, she still put on the tea pot and make some hot apple cider, got a new sweater from the 2nd hand store and then spent the rest of the day and night hauling out boxes from the garage (by herself ) and totally set up Fall. I loved it, she (like when she was a kid ) got excited about all the things she started pulling out of the boxes. It was fun to see and a big help to me of course.
Anyway, the days are getting shorter and there is definitely a nip in the air...I love Fall too!
Good night dear friends!

LOVE FALL.This quote ( above ) could totally be Lauren's Life Motto!

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