Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Love this quote. It made me think of my day today. It is the little things, or at least little acts of kindness that make all the difference such as...
...The lady at the pool that I just met a week or so ago, and she already tells me everyday how glad she is to see me and encourages me to come back tomorrow. A new Swimming Buddy, maybe just what I needed since I am starting back after 12 years!
...Or the two class members that I taught today at work, they actually spent the afternoon at my home with my daughter and I. I know that they probably had a 1000 other things to do, but they came over and spent time with us...what an honor it was to have them!
...Or a hug from a friend who was lonely, I stopped to see her and she gave me a hug for coming and it was a sweet conversation between friends...little things? Maybe, but they do change your life for the better!
Good night dear friends!

Cute quote about friends

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