Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Bradley!

Today is our oldest son Bradley's Birthday. I can hardly believe that he is so grown up now and a husband and a Father, where did that time go? I still remember his birth, he was born on LABOR DAY, how appropriate was that? I remember Jeff going right out (when he saw how much hair Brad had ) and bought a comb, so that he could comb his hair over with a part. Then he took a photo and shared it with our family saying  "Here is our all American Boy!" He was a happy baby and just a treat to have around. He was loved by his older sister, and they became fast friends. As Brad grew up, he continued to watch out over his younger brother and sister who joined the family. Now he no longer towers over them but still keeps close tabs on them, and shares with them his Older Brotherly of charge of course! :)
In this photo Lee is on the left and Lauren on the right. ( And of course that is Brad in the middle )

Now here is a photo of Lee on the left still and Brad on the right ( but this time there isn't as big of a height difference ), then his son Kai is bending over and collecting shells with his cousin Jenny. We have no idea who those 2 people walking our photos!

I have always loved the quote for parents that says " My job is to build you up, so the world can't ever tear you down"
When Brad was placed in my arms 27 years ago, on Sept 4th, at 9:40 in the morning, weighing in 9lbs and 4 ounces and his temperature was 94.9.... I knew he was special! I had the strongest impression, that I would need to do all that I could to raise him to be the boy that the Lord wanted and needed him to be. I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I would have to fight his whole life to protect and teach him, and I really have tried to do that to my best ability.

I look at him now as a great husband and a sweet Father and realize that he is making it in the world, and that it didn't tear him down. The world is actually a much better place, because he is in it! That was what I always dreamed for be safe, to be a great person, to make a difference in the world and to do the same for the next generation...his family. And he is doing it!

Jeff and I just got back from helping them move into Austin, Texas. They enjoyed their time in Boston, but now he is off and on a new adventure...starting his own business ... BRAVETHEWOODS.COM. Yes, he and Krystal have worked hard to make this dream of owning their own business come to pass. They are doing great!
 I hope on this Birthday, that he remembers not only how blessed he is, and that he is grateful for his talents, but especially remembers ... how loved he is by all of us!
It truly has been an adventure for us to have you as our son. And we are so excited for you! Happy Birthday dear Bradley!

 You can find out more about Brad's business HERE:

My Son, I Wish You Strength, Wisdom, & Adventure

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