Friday, September 13, 2013

Visiting around the Island the last two days!

Well, believe it or not...we head home tomorrow. How could a week have passed that quickly?
I am a few days behind on my trip notes, but need to get a few more photos from Shirley before I talk about some of them. Yesterday we got in the rental car and just checked out the whole north side of the Island.
Here is where we are staying at the Marriot Waiohai Beach Club

They have some neat fish even here! Here is Shirley and I waiting out front for the guys to pick us up.
Here is the beach that we ate our lunch at, beautiful!


Then we headed to the Light house at Kilaue, it was breath taking.

The water was every color of blue you could think of!

Here was a water cave!


Then we came kept driving and then this is what else we saw!

 Here in Hanalei we looked down at the Taro fields below...they are in a water much like rice is grown.
 Then we had a treat at the town of know like the famous song on Puff The Magic Dragon...if you haven't heard of that you need to watch that Disney Movie again.

We finished up one last beach.

Then our last place was at the Opaeka'a Falls

I had to show you some of the trees here, look at the roots that are on the out side.

 Then we came to our apartment, not a bad place to be either...this is what we see when we go out on our deck, from our room. This will be a tough place to leave.

Tonight we ate dinner out by the beach as the sun was setting, what a great last day!

Happy 31st Anniversary to us, what a treat to come here and celebrate it!


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Grace Marie said...

Went to Kauai with my sister in April. Love that island! Been to most of the places you post pictures of :)