Tuesday, March 10, 2009

P.S. I almost forgot...

I almost forgot to mention about my skin, I need to remember to do that so if any one else goes down this road that they can at least know what one more person dealt with. The itching is getting worse, and the skin is changing color, they said that would happen. The bumps that are raised up seem to be spreading, I wonder if I have something other than a burn now but the burn was so deep that maybe that is how it heals. It still looks bad to others but it really is much better than it was a week ago. The incision are is getting more sore and more red but it still isn't as bad as the majority of my burn was and for that I am grateful. That part should start healing in a few more days. The last 2 weeks of radiation was the worst for my burn, I believe. I am still having the random stabbing pains, they say that when the nerves try to regenerate that they do that, I need to look that one up?

The only reason I say that is... because a couple of years ago when I felt something different in my left breast and wondered if it was another tumor, I was told that it wasn't. I was told that it was just scar tissue and that it gets harder as it gets older. But after I was diagnosed this past October and I was explaining that to the Medical Oncologist, he said "actually Lynn, that is not true, the scar tissue gets softer throughout the years." I took that to remind me never to take things on face value, I need to follow my instincts, they never have lead me wrong. I am sure you have heard the old saying "the first impression is the right impression" , it's true! The problem is, we tend to think about it more and then question our thoughts and then get really confused. So I just need to search out for myself about these random stabbing pains or any other things that I don't understand.

Jeff and I walked tonight, not long... because I am out of shape AGAIN! Gee, some days all I feel like I do is START OVER! Guess that is better than not starting at all?  Since my armpit is healing up, it makes walking a lot more comfortable. I need to count the little blessings like that to actually see my progress some days!

Thanks again for all of your support! NIGHT!

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