Sunday, March 6, 2016

What do you get when you put a roll of duct tape, cardboard boxes and 2 granddaughters and a whole lot of imaginiation all in the same room??

A really fun Sleepover and a really neat Fort!

The girls had 2 days off of school and so they came for a 2 Day Sleep Over! We were thrilled to have them, it has been a while. Angie is getting older, and like other Grandmothers of older grandchildren have told me before...there might come a time when you grandkids want to do things with their friends instead of you. Angie has been saying lately something like that. Hard to see them get older...!

We made breakfast for Poppa and set the table for him! He in return the next morning, left them a sweet note too!

We stayed in our jammies most of the day Friday, and they worked on their Fort as much as they could...until Poppa comes home and we get more duct tape.
But we did finally get dressed and went to do a few errands.
We stopped by Sally's Beauty Supply to get some stuff and while we were there...

We decided to check the hair color and see which one matched ours.

We stopped by and got some snacks at the Health Food Store and Trader Joes! ( plus more boxes )

Then we came home and made dinner for us to take with us. When Poppa came home, we all went to the movie Zootopia, that was really fun!

Dinner in the car after the movie! Fun!

Had to go to Target and get more Duct Tape! :)

Of course we need to do some photos with the models!

What beautiful inside and outside girls I have!
Mind as well try out all the comfy furniture they have here too!

When we came home...I noticed that Jeff and both of the girls weren't feeling well. They are all starting colds. So they all went to bed right away! Oh man, hope they don't get worse, it's our Sleepover!
Today they stayed in their jammies a bit longer because they felt kinda crummy. By noon they both had fevers! Just let them play with their stuffed animals and then they colored on their fort for awhile and then laid down. 
After they got up, the sun was out and it was a bit warmer and they went outside for a couple of hours, just playing with bugs and anything else they could find.
Even though they stayed in jammies, they still were able to create!
Even the Bears needed to spend the day in their jammies!

 They are so cute...working together and creating together!

Then tonight, Poppa helped them put their roof on their fort and we had dinner and a movie! I love their sweet imaginations!
Jenny stays close to her Poppa even if it's in the garage or just watching a movie!

How grateful I am to have had this opportunity to have these sweet girls over for a 3 day Sleep Over!
Oh how I wish Kai and Oakley could live close enough to come over for a 3 Day Sleep Over!

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