Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Is there enough evidence?

I read this post yesterday from Jason F. Wright, one of my favorite authors.
I don't even know his friend that passed away, but I am touched by the wonderful things that Jason wrote about him.
I have often wondered about this quote, when I have thought about my own life.
“If you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” 
It truly makes you stop and think about your choices and actions in life!
Good Night dear friends!

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12 hrs
I don't often post with tears in my eyes. But this is one of those rare moments that invites my pride to sleep a little longer today.
And maybe it's because this post is about the sun ... and the Son.
I learned in the middle of the night that my friend Paul Moore died. You might recall that I wrote about Paul and his inspiring family last fall. Introducing him to my wife Kodi just 10 days ago is among the highlights of our marriage.
Being part of a special film with the Moores in his final mortal days is among the highlights of my career.
Know this — few people have ever faced certain death with such faith, hope and charity.
Walking with my family on the beach early this morning in Corolla, North Carolina, I looked out at the Sabbath sun and felt such gratitude for having known him.
God didn't have to cross our paths. But He did.
It's a blessing I didn't earn, but one I will always cherish.
Looking at the rising sun, I wonder why I feel such love for Paul and his dear wife, Joni.
It's not because of their suffering — many of us walk every single day through a painful loop of hearts that break, mend and then break again.
It’s not because of the divine love they have for one another. I know many marriages, including my own, that are sealed tight in a partnership with God.
Looking at the sun rising in the east and bathing everything in its redeeming light, I think it's because Paul reminds me of the Son.
Let's be clear, Paul was not perfect. That word is reserved for the One we follow. But in so many ways, Paul reminds me of Christ.
He was kind, gentle, generous, forgiving, patient, hardworking, loving, longsuffering and knowledgeable. Paul knew the gospel because Paul lived the gospel.
Despite his trials, Paul rose each day like the sun. He was a source of light to many outside his humble town.
Just like the Son.
Then, when he faced certain death, at far too young an age, he did so with faith, hope and charity.
Just like the Son.
And as the sun came to life across the ocean at my sandy feet, Paul will one day rise again.
Just like the Son.
In memory of Paul Moore.

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