Monday, March 28, 2016

Forever Families!

I love Easter! I love knowing that because of Jesus Christ, that our family gets to be a Forever Family, if we but live a good life and keep the commandments! What a gift! What a message of Hope, to know that we will live again!
 For years, I have been counseling women who are battling Cancer. The people I find it harest to help or comfort were ...those who do not believe in God or JesusChrist. It's as is they have no anchor and it makes me realize who grateful that I had this knowledge ever since I was a little girl. How thankful I am that my little grandchildren are being raised in homes that have that knowledge and conviction too! It will be just such a light for them throughout their lives! And every kid deserves to be taught about HOPE!

 Here is our handsome little Kai, who just turned 4 years old! Miss him so much!
 This is the cute Woodard Family in Texas! What a beautiful family! We feel so blessed to have them!
  (above )Our son Bradley with his little ones, Oakley and Mr. Kai!

Then Lee and Caitlin ( his fiance) are in Rexbur,g and we are hoping to see them this Spring Break!
And Lauren and Nik are still in Rexburg too! Miss all of them so much!
We decided to go to Amy and John's ward today, so that we could be with them for Easter! It went well and once again we were able to here the beautiful songs and messages about Christ and His life!
Then we came back and had dinner, an Easter egg hunt in the house. We even got to break confetti eggs all over each other! I think it is a tradition from Texas? :)
So grateful for the knowledge , that we can be a Forever Family...all because of our Savior Jesus Christ!!

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Good Night dear friends,and Happy Easter!

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