Thursday, March 3, 2016


Since my Mom passed away over 16 years ago, I have tried to fill the void that she left with her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. I know I can't fill her shoes exactly, but I feel the need to at least try.
She was a great Grandmother, and she was a fabulous cook.
Now she didn't like to do crafts or sewing at all! But since I am not the cook she wa,s and I DO LOVE CRAFTS and CREATING...I have tried to make things for my Nieces, Nephews and now their kids. I think Mom would have liked that! I know she would have loved them!

Today my friend and I got together and created a  Reusable Bag. As of March 1st they are mandatory for our city!
 Then I finally finished the 2 afghans for my neice and nephew...they were suppose to be Valentine gifts... but maybe they will think they are Leap Day gifts. That way I wouldn't  be quite as late. Mailed them out today!

I also got the baby quilts I finished for my Mom's Great Grandsons and Great Granddaughter and mailed them out today. I love seeing them together...just makes me happy. Hopefully it made my Mom happy too!
I wondered now if I should have put my Mom's name on their quilt labels, so they will never forget her either?
I just keep trying to be the best Aunt Lynn, Great Aunt Lynn, Nana and adopted Nana or adopted Aunt Lynn as I can be. Every kid deserves to have a grandparent in their life!

Good Night dear friends!

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