Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Soup, tissue, flowers, cards and quilts!

When you recieve some of these items... tissues, cards, flowers, soup or even a handmade quilt or afghan...what do you think of?
I think of love, hope, comfort, empathy, courage, support, healing and many other feelings.

I have been blessed in my life to recieve each of these things and more ...from dear friends and family. It really did make me feel loved and comforted. It really helped me remember that I wasn't alone in my battle and that I had more support than I even could imagine. 
I think that is what we are suppose to do.
Help and uplift each other throughout our lives! And also to support and share in the joys and 
happiness that life brings too!
 This past month I have lost two more friends. One was a sweet fellow quilter who always came to my Demo Classes! And the other was another fellow quilter who was also my neigbhor for years!
Also, we have had a couple of our friends who have been diagnosed with Cancer or another serious illness. Then we have seen Miracles in some of our other's friend's life. Wonderful blessings, answered prayers that they had waited so long for!

Life truely is made of wonderful and heartbreaking experiences.
 But I really believe we are to be Angels here on earth to each other!
 Giving Hope and Comfort, as well gratitude for the good things that happen in life.
 May we all take time out to look around each day and see if any one around us needs, a tissue, some flowers, a card,  maybe some homemade soup or even a handmade gift, just to show them how much they are loved and thought of, and most important...remind them that they aren't alone?

"In your morning prayers each day, ask Heavenly Father to guide you to recognize an opportunity to serve one of His precious children." - M Russell Ballard:

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