Sunday, March 6, 2016

Texas ...Day 3 and 4

I don't want to forget putting these photos and memories up on my blog.
This blog is one way that I can not only share my experiences but keep my memories too!
That is so important to me. I don't ever want to forget how very blessed I am!

While in Texas we only ate out 2 times in the whole 5 days, Jeff absolutely loves Krystal's cooking! She is amazing! I always come home with a couple of her recipes!
We ate out at P Terry's Burger stand, that had all natural beef did taste good, especially since it has been years since I have had a burger!
Then we headed off to the Thinkery, what a neat place...

for kids and adults!
The airplane area was neat and very colorful!

Look at Kai's face, he was determined that his airplane would fly the best!
It was cute to watch everyone get so into all the creative things they had there!

Kai is thinking that Dad and Poppa are having more fun than anyone! :)
The shadows were so much fun!

The color changing wall was neat!

Waterworks was the favorite of everyone too!

Momma and her matching girl!
Bucky Beaver Truck Stop, biggest one ever!

 A boy and his trucks, he looks just like his Grandpa Austin and Uncle Seth in this picture!
 I have never seen so many Bucky Beaver products!

When Lauren was a little, she drew a Bucky Beaver and she drew and sold her own T-shirts and even had her own Bucky Beaver Club. Kinda makes you wonder if one of her Club Members stoled her idea? :)
This could have been Lauren's store! :)

We went to the town of Gruene, Texas It was a fun cowboy fun to go through and see all the neat shops
Stopped and had lunch here at the Gristmill...these two were wondering what was on the menu!

 Fun family time, great food and a beautiful place!

What a sunny day, even Oakley needed her shades!

I think we wore this little guy out more than once, with all our our trips! He is such a great traveler though! I miss these guys sooooo much!

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us said...

P Terry's and the Thinkery are two of our favorite Austin places as well. If you ever get the chance, also try the Kirby Lane Cafe.

We got our son a family membership to the Thinkery for his birthday (his request) last November. They love taking the kids there.