Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Making a difference!

Each time when I teach a class, I always try to find something uplifting and motivating to share with them along with ...whatever I am teaching. It is not really part of my job, but I guess it is the Motivational Speaker in me, I love when I hear something uplifting and motivating, so I like to just pass it on.
I hadn't found anything for my class today, and then I looked at my phone ( right for I went to work ) and saw my sweet daughter-in-law had sent me these articles, and they went along perfect with my class.
We were learning how to make Reusable Bags!
Try to take a look at the articles if you can, so fun to see so many people ...who are making such a great Difference in the world!
I hope to become one of them!
Good Night dear friends!

Recycling plus generosity equals mats for the homeless

September 28, 2013|By Jeff Bahr, jbahr@aberdeennews.com
  • From left, Rayma Scepaniak and Vi Schnaidt display a finished product, a sleeping mat made from recycled plastic bags.
American News Photo by Jeff Bahr

A group of women at Our Savior Lutheran Church start with a product that many would regard as garbage — plastic grocery bags.
 To those bags, they add time and dedication, and wind up with a mat that a homeless person in a country far away can sleep upon.
 Five hundred to 700 bags go into each mat, which measures 6 feet by 3 feet. The women gather every Monday year round at the Aberdeen church. Producing the mats requires several different jobs, so the women form an assembly line. The result is similar to a rag rug, only made from a different material.
 Why do the women tackle the project every Monday afternoon?
 “We enjoy each other’s company. We’re doing something useful,” Rayma Scepaniak said.
 The work is fulfilling, and the women enjoy the fellowship, according to Gwen Petrich. It gives them something to do each Monday, Scepaniak said.
I found it here:

When I looked up the topic, there are quite a few ladies doing this sort of service!

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