Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hard to say goodbye!

Today was my dear friend and neighbor's funeral!
Wow, what a beautiful service it was... and how honored
we were to be there with her family! Wished all of my
kids could have been there with us!
 I only hope I could
have touched as many lives as she did!

The weather turned out sunny and beautiful, which seemed
to be ordered from above.
Tomorrow is Easter, because of what the Savior did for all of
us, this dear family knows that they will get to see their dear
Wife, Mother and Grandmother again!
What a touching, tough, and wonderful day... today was!

Totally PE. I was running and had to run a couple more laps and I started thinking about walking but then I had to do the whole thing over again but I KEPT RUNNING:
Good Night dear friends, and I hope you have a wonderful Easter tomorrow!

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