Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Remembering Texas... Day 1 and 2

The trip to Austin, Texas was only half full, that is the first time ever. It was great plus we had a non-stop flight, which made it even better!

Jeff and I had a whole row to ourselves and to top it off it was a beautiful day! Only bad news is... I didn't make a new friend on this flight! :(

I love all the colorful guitars that line up near the baggage claim in Austin Texas! Fun!

Then we got to see our sweet Oakley, Jeff had never met her and I only saw here right after she was born, she has grown sooo much!

We brought their Christmas presents with us, so it was fun spending a 2nd Christmas with them. Here is Kai looking at his picture that his cousin Jenny drew for him!
The scarf I crocheted for him, fit him perfect...although it was pretty warm when we were there.
 Kai loved all the Nana's Boy Restaurant stuff was a hit. That is what Kai and I named our own Restaurant that we created together.

He got a bell, a restaurant sign, a calendar, a order book, a tray, apron, napkin for his arm and a pen. He absolutely loved that Aunt Lauren drew a cartoon of he and I together. She is sooo talented. I am having the pocket of the apron and a towel printed with our logo on it, and will send that to him soon.
It took Oakley about a 1/2 of a day to get use to us! Then she never stopped smiling, that is her normal self. I crocheted 4 of these headbands for her. She actually made them look even better!

Can't tell you how good it felt to hang out with my boy again. Kai is my only grandson and boy has he stolen my heart!

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