Sunday, May 26, 2013


I go to the most amazing Massage Therapist and she is also a YOGA teacher. Someday I would like to get to the point where my body is able to do Yoga. I love the way it truly helps you focus on what you can accomplish, and also emphasizes that you take care of your soul. That means I have to keep my mind clear and everything quiet around me. When I do that then I can always tell what my body and soul needs.
 So many times we focus everything on our body and forget to take care of our soul or our spirit! That is important and when I forget to take care of my spirit then everything in my life seems to get out of balance easily.
 That is where I have been for a couple of weeks. I have focused so much on trying to stay out of pain, that I have neglected my spiritual side and I know better than that. There is so much to be happy and grateful for and yet, I struggle to see any of that when I am in pain or out out of balance.
So until that someday comes and I start doing Yoga, I can at least focus more on my soul/spirit...and I know that will make all the difference!
Good night dear friends!

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