Thursday, May 9, 2013

Above and Beyond the call of duty!

I love this Above and Beyond story of this nurse. After having been with my oldest daughter when she gave birth to our 3rd granddaughter...I can totally tell you ,who really cared and who didn't the hospital. Being nice and caring make a big difference and to add compassion on top of that is amazing!
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Our Wow Moments of the Month are always touching, but this month’s story is particularly poignant.
Charlotte Montes, ICU nurse, was caring for a patient whose husband had just passed away while she herself was a patient in the ICU. Charlotte’s patient was afraid she wouldn’t be able to attend the funeral because she was so ill. The couple had been married just a few weeks short of 56 years and Charlotte felt it was very important that her patient get to say goodbye to her spouse.
The physician discharged the patient just in time to go to her husband’s funeral, but the patient and her son were worried that she wouldn’t do well medically. Charlotte offered to attend the funeral and sit in the back, so the family wouldn’t have to worry about the patient’s well-being. Charlotte equipped herself with a blood pressure cuff and other medical supplies, hidden in a pretty purse bought specifically for the occasion and went to the family home to be with her patient from the beginning of the ceremony to the end.
The whole family felt relieved that a nurse was there "just in case" and insisted that Charlotte ride in the limousine and sit with the family during the funeral and reception. Charlotte used her day off and attended the funeral on her own time to make sure her patient was able to say her last goodbye.
We are humbled by your compassion, Charlotte.
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