Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's wish!

When I was a young Mom, I had different wishes than I do now.
For instance, I wished on a daily basis for just a few minutes of ALONE time for myself...many of you can look at this picture and realize even that time...isn't quite your own! :)

I wished that the kids would treat their brothers and sisters as well as they did their friends. I wished that they would remember their manners, and that we could get through one Family Home Evening without a fight breaking out. I wished that they would hurry and learn how to brush their own teeth, potty train, buckle their own seat belts and on and on.
But now that I am an Older Mother, my wishes have changed. I wish I could have just a few minutes each day with each of them to visit and talk. I wish their Grandmother ( my Mom ), could have seen them grow up and how good their manners were when we went somewhere. I wish I could have another Family Home Evening with them all together! I wish they wouldn't grow up so fast, that I could slow down time... and try Motherhood all over again, now that I have a better understanding and more wisdom. Well, I guess I can...and that is called being a Grandmother! ( Sorta a second chance). And I do not take that responsibility of being a Nana ...lightly. I pray each day that I will not focus on what I did wrong as a Mom, but try each day to do better and not miss any chance I get to spend time with my 4 grandchildren. But I realize that " it takes a village to raise a child " and for all of you who have been the village people for my kids and grandkids ...I am eternally grateful. I hope all of you who have ever helped a child, realize that you are part of the Village I am talking about, not only just the Mothers out there. I will leave you with this sweet video that I found today, just go  HERE: 
Good night dear friends!


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