Thursday, May 23, 2013

A team member leaves us!

Another team member has gone ahead of us. This week a good friend passed away, after battling her Cancer for the past year. I tried to explain to others how it feels , if anyone you know or even a family member of someone you know gets they automatically become part of our team. I don't even have to know the person well, still there is a common thread that runs through us...and connects us some how.
 When a new member becomes part of the team, it saddens you... but you rush to their side to support and uplift them in any way. You also start talking strategy's with them, you discuss how they are going to fight their Cancer. You immediately start your Game Plan! And so it goes, throughout your time to be on  this team. You work together, you cry together, you pray together and you would do ANYTHING for your team members.
I didn't want to be on this team almost 12 years ago. But I realized soon that it was an amazing team to be on, and that the other team members who are still here, or those who have gone one...are literally ANGELS on earth and I feel proud to be part of a team, that had so many incredible people on it. So we will say good bye to this dear friend, and hello to many others...too many others. Still we will stick together, and truly do our best to make this life the best game we ever played!
Good night dear friends and fellow team mates!  

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