Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hard choices!

I recently had to make a hard choice. One that I didn't want to make and yet...I knew if my kids would have come to me and talked about the same type of situation, I know what I would have said. I would have said, "it is time to walk away, keep things honest and simple when you do." I would remind them that they don't have to be any body but themselves, I would have reminded them that the most important thing is that they tried their best and had the right desires. And last, I would have reminded them to quit comparing themselves to Others ( that is unhealthy ).
I kept questioning myself, I kept thinking of all the scenerios of how it would play out if I did walk away. I really cared about the people who were involved ...but it just didn't work. I knew though, when I finally made the decision ...that even though there is anticipation of what others will think, that the negative energy was not healthy for me and it was time to make a choice. Life is all about decisions and choices, why are some so very hard to make?
Now the hard part comes, by holding up my head and knowing I made the right decision, and just start again somewhere else. Yes, life is wonderful most of the time... but every now and then it is really, really hard. Guess that is why the lesson from this, will be one I won't forget too soon. Still learning every day!

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