Saturday, October 27, 2012

Somewhere under the RAINBOWS!!!

Today we headed to the north shore, to see the beach. The beauty here during the fall season is like walking into a calendar. The colors are so vivid ...and on top of that today while we were at Pumpkin Patch, we saw 5 rainbows. None of us have ever seen that before. Brad video taped it HERE:
We got to pick pumpkins with Kai and everyone got to try fresh Apple Cider Donuts. I tried one bite, but no more because it was a little too good.
Getting prepared, the warnings are starting to come in from the after effects from the Hurrican Sandy. Not sure how hard this area will be hit, but it has already done quite a bit of damage where it started. Still we went out tonight and got some things just in case. " The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." ~John F. Kennedy Kai is still his Poppa's boy, he likes Nana ( me ) but only at a distance still.

But this chance to be together with Brad, Krystal and Kai in this beautiful area has been the best (not to mention having a 7 day vacation with my best friend )!
Good night dear friends!

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Jean(ie) said...

Please be safe... Hugs!