Monday, October 8, 2012


   Every day I open up my computer and talk to my boy ( my grandson Kai ). I have his photo on my screensaver and each day I talk to him and tell him how much I love him. I tell him all the things that I hope we get to do together as he grows up. I tell him that there are wonderful things waiting for him in his little life and how I hope as his Nana, to be part of them. I can't tell him those things personally every day because we live so far apart but some how I hope that good energy and love of family can travel through the miles.
   Today we got to skype with them. It was so fun to see him and have him see me. He has two teeth now and sits up by himself. We are watching him grow and still there are days that I can't believe he is already here, seems like we waited sooooooooooo long to get him here.
   We are so grateful that we will get to go seem him and his Mommy and Daddy for Halloween, we can hardly wait! How grateful I am for my family, for my extended family and now for our grandchildren. They really are the icing on the cake!
    So tonight I just want to say thank you to my son Bradley, for being such a wonderful husband and Dad. For supporting his sweet wife to be able to stay home and raise their son. That is a huge thing in today's society, Stay Home Moms are rare to find. I am grateful that they have made that decision and feel blessed to know that every day Kai is home with a Mom who loves and cherishes every minute with him. Yes, as I look at my sweet family so far away, I feel blessed to be so close to them.
Good night dear friends!

Photo: Date night. (Someday we will find a babysitter for him)

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