Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's the little things!

While eatting dinner tonight Kai started laughing with his Mom. He would bite on the straw and then let go of it fast and spray his Mom, it was so fun to see him laugh so hard. Those are the things that we miss living so far away. It is all those little things that make Parenthood and Grandparenthood so worth it!

At church today they talked about the storm and asked if everyone was prepared to survive 72 hours on their own...if the electricity goes out. Then everyone was encouraged to watch over others that might need special help during that time because of illness or handicaps. Also like those who are widows and single. It did my heart good that we have been taught for years to always be prepared, not only to take care of yourself and for those around you. Here is what was adviced by FEMA...FEMA suggested yesterday:

"If you or someone you know may be impacted by Hurricane Sandy, here are a few things to do today:
 - Get some extra cash out at the ATM today. If the power goes out, banks/ATMs may be offline for some time.
- Make a plan for how you’ll keep your cell phone charged if you lose power for several days. Picking up a solar or hand-crank charger for your phone is a good idea.
- High winds are expected across a wide area. Protect your home/business – cover windows, clean gutters, trim trees.
- Get to the store today for emergency supplies – water, nonperishable food, batteries, flashlight, etc.
- Visit or on your phone for more hurricane safety tips."

I am not sure if I will be able to write the next couple of days depending if this Hurrican Sandy, they have already canceled all the transportaion systems in Boston for tomorrow. We are hoping that it won't be too bad. And we pray for all those families who have already been effected by it.  It truly is the little things in life that make all the difference. Good night dear friends!