Monday, October 22, 2012

Home again!

Well, what a great day it was today. Got to go to church with my friend, came home got a bite to eat, and then headed off to the airport to go home. The flight was packed full, but I was privileged to sit with a sweet Mother and her daughter. We had such a fun time and talking and doing some things with the little girl...made me miss my granddaughters. We aren't used to being away from each other very long
The Mother was sweet and reminded me of my sweet Amy, she was young, kind and cute. I think when I look at my daughter and daughter in laws, and all these other sweet young Mothers around... that the world is in good hands, well at least the next generation has some incredible Mom's to show them the way.
Then there was a 8 month old little girl in front of me that I kept playing with and making her laugh...that made me really miss my grandson. Can't believe we get to see him and hold him in just 4 days!
I just thought tonight for my blog that I would write a challenge to each of you. A challenge to make a new friend, take the time out to get to know someone, learn a bit about their lives and see if it doesn't make you feel better.  Enlarging our circle of friends I think is important.  I love making a new friend, one can never have too many!
So my heart goes out tonight to all the new friends that I got to make on my trip this past week, and for all of  you dear friends that have been with me through the years. You truly make life worth living! Thank you and good night!
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Jean(ie) said...

I made a friend yesterday at Cabela's. We were sitting down while our hubbies were shopping. We got to talking and found out we had a alot in common. I gave her my email and told her to drop me a line. She lives in Montana and was traveling with her husband who is a truck driver.

I'm with you. You never know who you'll meet!