Monday, October 22, 2012

Hard times!

This morning our son Lee had to drive his Dad to work, because our other car has been broken down and we are going to have it towed over to get it in the shop. So we knew today would be crazy with the 3 of us sharing one car but what else do you do? On his way home early this morning, he got into an accident and our car was totalled. Lee got whiplash but if you saw the car that he came out of, you would realize what a blessing that was that he only got whiplash. Now personally I know that isn't a little thing, but what I meant was we realized right away that things could have been much worse. Poor Lee, he has been trying so hard to work hard and get money saved up for school, and now he will have to miss a couple of days because of the pain.
So today without any car, we were stuck and I had to call and change and cancel quite a few things. But as stressful as today was, I realized that we have sooooooooooo many good friends who came immediately to our aide. It did our hearts good to remember how blessed we are. Friends let us borrow their car to take Lee to the Doctor today, and other friends brought over their extra car for us to use for this week.
Yes, life is hard but there is always a silver lining some where that makes it  so worth it. I just need to go to bed and start over tomorrow.
Thanks for always being there dear friends, good night!


Rochelle said...

Wow, I hope tomorrow is better. I am so glad Lee is not badly hurt, although whiplash doesn't sound fun either. We love you guys!

Jean(ie) said...

Oh, I'm so glad to hear that Lee is okay. Today will be better because it's a brand new day.