Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Friends, Baby, plus Neighbors = Fun!

Tonight as a neighborhood… we had a Baby Shower.  It was for one of our new neighbors who moved here 7 months ago. They don’t have friends or family that lives near, soooooooooooo we decided that we should have a Neighborhood Baby Shower, to make sure they feel comfortable and welcome here. It is always amazing to me how much PEOPLE WHO CARE can do. We had 16 out of 19  ladies there, that was a wonderful turnout!  It was nice for her, but also for all of us. Some of us are old timers in the neighborhood, but we have quite a few new and young families that have just moved in. I love all the diversity we have and yet, we had so much fun together tonight. Everyone wanted to make sure that our new neighbors knew us, and would feel comfortable calling us if ever they were in need. 

I have always said, “it is good to get to know your neighbors, for one thing if there is a disaster…that is who you are going to be spending your time with. Plus, it just makes life more enjoyable to have so many wonderful neighbors  around that you can call friends”.

So for this new little girl that will be coming soon, … she can rest assured, that there will be a lot of us waiting… just for her to arrive in the neighborhood!


Tonight, I am going to leave you with things you should know, from one of the greatest neighbors anyone could have…Mr. Rogers!

It was a very interesting article, and one that all of us could benefit from, if we were that type of a neighbor….http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/5943

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