Saturday, November 5, 2011


The other day my son went to help a family (in need), move from one apartment to another. I was saddened to hear that while he was there helping and serving, he said there was pornography all over one wall. And of course it was in the very room where they were moving the big items.  Now I realize that pornography is every where, but I am still a Mom… and hate that someone’s choice to view pornography spilt over into my son’ s life ( especially when he was doing a good deed! I know that a lot of people out there say… “Oh you are just too sensitive, you are trying to live in a different world”. Yes, I am very sensitive. I am sick and tired of all the garbage that comes over the TV, radio, bill boards, magazines and the internet. Some very sick people are getting rich because of our tolerance to pornography.

For those of you young Moms that still have young kids, I would encourage you to start limiting that type of stuff that starts coming into your home. Your home should be the one safe place for your kids, and for you and your husband. Filtering isn’t easy, it isn’t even popular… but I promise you it’s soooooooooo worth it.  Nothing good comes from pornography, never has and never will!  I was reading a quote about it the other day, and it was really good. So good that I will share it with you tonight. 


   I am concerned that there is a great war going on for the souls of mankind.  We have all know that , but I think we are witnessing it with greater clarity and force than ever before. Professionally, I come from the printing and publishing industry, where I have seen examples of the deterioration of the printed product. In Los Angeles some of the largest lithographers have as their number one priority in the printing of pornography. I am sickened to see some of the finest printing machinery in the world spewing forth millions of copies of pornography to corrupt the souls of men.

   In contrast, I like the bold attitude of the one lithographer whose sign in the window said,  “ We are lithographers, no pornographers.” Nonetheless, today there is an avalanche of printed pornography, beautifully done as far as the quality of printing is concerned, but totally degrading as far as its content is concerned. We who are on the Lord’s side of the ledger have to compete ever more diligently to offset that which is on the devil’s side of the ledger.  ~ Thomas S. Monson 1988

“If there is anything that we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.”    ~C.G. Jung, Integration of the Personality, 1939

“A child, like your stomach, doesn't need all you can afford to give it.”    ~Frank A. Clark

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