Sunday, November 6, 2011

A grateful heart

Today at church, one of the lessons was on GRATITUDE. I have to admit, even though it was a topic that we all have talked about many times; still I learned a lot.
Here are a few notes that I wrote down today and wanted to share with you tonight. Plus, a special thank you for a dear friend who shared this beautiful photo with me!


Gratitude has been defined as:
            A positive experience that comes from recognizing gifts or blessings and feeling thankful.  It's also an attitude, a way of perceiving life in which individuals are willing to receive and acknowledge the beneficial acts of others on their behalf.  It's a habit, causing one to focus on blessings.  Finally it can be a coping response to challenging or difficult circumstances

If I offered you a gift that could -
            Reduce symptoms of mild depression and anxiety
            Increases optimism, vitality, happiness
            Bring a sense of well being
            Add greater satisfaction with life
            Create positive memories
            Be more empathetic and supportive
            Be more forgiving
            Better relationships
            Better health
            Find hidden blessings
            Unlock the doors of heaven
Would you want it???  What could it be?     

Wow, the lesson was short and sweet but really made me stop and think. I need to EVERYDAY be more grateful and aware of my blessings. This lesson was a great reminder and I am thankful for that. I only will leave you with one quote tonight, but I think it is more powerful than 3 or 4 quotes. Read it and then re-read it…let it sink in and see how you feel!

Good night dear friends!

“What if we woke up today, with only the things that we thanked God for yesterday?”

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