Sunday, November 20, 2011

Good and Bad Day

It was a good day… because the sun was shining and you could see all the fall colors outdoors. It was a bad day… because my cold is heading down into my chest. Our whole family (including Amy, John and the girls ) have been battling something for a couple of weeks. There were a few days where I thought I was getting something and then I got better, then there were days like today where it is getting the better of me. So even though I didn’t go outside and enjoy the sun, I still loved looking out of the window. It was also a good day, because I realized that one of my radio stations is playing continual Christmas music now…that is a good day!  It is also a good day because I purchased a clock from Hallmark that plays a Christmas song every hour. My family is going crazy that I have it but….obviously they just don’t have the spirit yet, give  them about a week and they too will think my clock is the best. ( Plus, it was only $12.00 )

I think even though I get teased a lot for listening to Christmas music all year long, that it really does help me to count my blessings and to remember good things from my childhood. The bad things are just so easy to remember even though I try to forget them, but when I listen to Christmas music, I forget all those things and remember all the happy times we had as a family. I remember all the fun things for Christmas that we have done with our kids when they were little and all the fun they had with their cousins living close.

Yes say what you want, but Christmas music seems to help me be more grateful. Well, my clock just rang and so it is midnight, I need to head to bed. I am sure all of us have had bad and good days, but I will head to bed and hope that tomorrow will be a bit better.

Good night dear friends.    P.S. There were 3 clocks to pick from, I got the Thomas Kinkaid one, what an artist!


“There are good and bad times, but our mood changes more often than our fortune.”     ~Thomas Carlyle

“If it weren’t for sorrow and bad times, every day would be Christmas”     ~ Lithuanian Proverb

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Summer said...

I would pick the Peanuts one~~~ Love you!