Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meeting New Friends!


This was a great weekend; I got to come visit a dear friend of 32 years for the whole weekend in Indiana. The part that really struck me was that after 8 years since we last saw each other...we just picked up from where we left, that is true friendship. I was honored that she would want some of her friends to meet me and so for the whole weekend I was able to spend time with my new found friends.
These friends of hers were ones that she knew from Bible Study each week. She had asked these women to pray for me all these years and I believe I was the one honored to meet them. It was touching to be able to meet them and personally thank them for their faith and prayers, as I have said many times...that is no small thing. Prayer truly does change things. I also had the honor of going to church with all of them on Sunday and that was a real treat. Although the meeting was a bit different than I was used to, the music and the spirit were touching. My dear friend's husband sang and played in the band and although I knew that he was a musician ...I had no idea how good he was. Wow, to have that type of talent! The pastor's message was something I needed,
he spoke about not only reading the Bible but learning how to apply it's principles in our lives. He mentioned that it shouldn't be something that we casually read, but one that we use in every aspect of our lives. For answers to our questions, peace for our trials and problems and for comfort.  He promised that if we would make scripture reading a regular part of our lives then ...we would see our lives change for the better. I personally know that to be true.
So thank you to all my new friends back in Indiana, for their kindness, faith, prayers and example. Yes, it was a perfect weekend.
Thank you also for all of your faith and prayers through this whole journey of mine. I pray that my thoughts and prayers will make a difference in your lives too!



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