Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's all about the process of change!

I found this quote last night and thought it was great! It is true, when you think you can't go on any more that something changes and some how( MAGICALLY it seems... that ) you make it, but you are never quite the same. You now have changed and hopefully for the better. You see life differently, through changed eyes. 

I read this story from Chicken Soup Surviving Soul Stories and I thought it went well with this thought.



Although the definitions said, "A cancer survivor is anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer and is alive today," the first time I read it, I didn't fell like a cancer survivor. Cancer victim seemed  a much more accurate term. But then the dust settled, treatment began, and I realized the "victim" thing just didn't fit.

I tossed the victim/survivor issue around and finally came to the conclusion that a victim and a survivor are the same thing-almost. The differences are subtle but at the same time enormous. The first thing I realized is that the survivor is a victim with an attitude. After I understood that, things were a little better. I had a choice about something--I could be a cancer victim or a cancer survivor. I liked the idea of having an attitude and I liked the sound of being a survivor.

Very slowly, the differences between being a survivor and victim became clear, and I started making a list. I'm sure every survivor can add one or two more. This  is just a start.

  • Being a victim is a state of body. Being a survivor is a state of mind.
  • A victim fears hair falling out. A survivor knows bald is beautiful.
  • A victim knows about feeling down. A survivor knows feeling down is okay.
  • A victim is amazed at all the tears. A survivor never leaves home without Kleenex.
  • A victim goes to "see" a doctor.  A survivor "consults" with his or her physician.
  • A victim gets caught in despair. A survivor prays a lot.
  • A victim feels helpless. A survivor says "thanks" with dignity and grace.
  • A victim enjoys a good laugh. A survivor loves one.

From the moment we are diagnosed, we are victims. We must chose to be survivors.

                                                                                                                 ~Paula (Bachleda) Koskey

"In order to be a realist you must believe in miracles"    ~ David Ben-Gurion

Thank you for staying right with me during my whole CHANGE process from being a VICTIM to becoming a SURVIVOR!

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