Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I was grateful that I felt good enough to go to church today for Mother's Day. However, I cried most of the meeting. The little kids sang for their mothers, and it wasn't hard for me to remember when Amy, Brad, Lauren and Lee were up on the stage singing their little hearts out to me. I actually can even remember being up front and singing to my mom when I was little. She sure looked proud of me! So when those beautiful little kids got up there to sing, that was the end of me. I missed my kids being that age, but  yet when they were that age, I truly thought I would never make it to see them grow up.  I had a hard time seeing the future when life was full of dirty diapers, chicken pox, PTA meetings and soccer practices. Yes, I wondered how I would ever make it and would they really grow up, like all the older moms said they would? Funny how perspective changes with time and experience.

I found a couple of quotes on Mothers that I will share with you, but first I would like to tell you how blessed I am to have my 4 kids. I have had a lot of tough things happen in my life but I do believe that God gave me Jeff and the kids to help me through all of them. I have learned something different from each one and yet I taught them all the same things. The lessons that I have learned  and the gifts they have given me are these...

Amy has taught me to enjoy life and to be happy, it is hard to be around her and not feel happy, what a gift!

Brad has taught me to accept people as they are, he always has taken up for those who are a bit different or have a handicapped. Seeing who the true person is inside... is his gift.

Lauren has always taught us to look at life a bit different, maybe not always the same way as everyone else. Looking through her eyes has shown me things I might have missed. She wants to experience it all.

Lee has always taught me to compassion.  He never sees someone sad or hurting ...that he doesn't try to help and comfort them. What a great gift.

Jeff is not my kid but my best friend and husband. I realize that I am able to be a better mom ...because of the type of dad  he is. Jeff didn't have a great example of a dad growing up and yet he has strived all our marriage to be the best dad ever to his kids. Making the necessary changes, to make the next generation better... is a true gift!

So Mother's Day has now come and is almost gone and I realize that I am so proud to be Amy, Brad, Lauren and Lee's mom . They have taught me so much and I love being their mom. At to top it all... then I get to be Angie's nana! Yes, life is tough and hard, but all that is worth it be able to have them call me MOM and NANA!

Thanks to each of you who have been my friend, my example, my 2nd mom, my mentor, my life saver. Thanks also to all of you that have been an influence on my children's lives. They say "IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD" that is true. Thanks then... to all you Village People!  :)

Question?...   How do I keep going when I am a imperfect mom?

Answer..."You put one foot in front of the other, do the best you can, and know that God has his angels surrounding you and your children."

"From the moment a baby is put in your arms, his wings are growing and it’s the wings you’re in charge of protecting.”   ~ Susan Shreve



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