Saturday, October 31, 2015

Great day!

Today was great, my friend and I just hung around the house and visited and baked ( Butternut Squash soup, Pumpkin Corn Bread, Asparagus Quishe.
Then the girls came over and got ready for a Halloween party/ Chili Cook off tonight at church.
Audrey was guess what...a Ballerina!

Then we had a beautiful Tucan and a wonderful Butterfly!
Then our dear Hippie Son in Law was there to keep 
PEACE all around!
 After the left then we headed out for dinner! What fun!
Then after dinner, we came home ....talked some more! Then we headed for bed.
My friend got to sleep in the you know how special of a friend she is!

Then to end this great day...we got our video camera for the Studio!!!

Our dream is becoming a reality!!!
Good Night dear friends!

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